Top Channels on YouTube which Programmers should Follow Right Now.

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For many people YouTube is a source of entertainment which they use to entertain themselves. But for students like me YouTube is the main source of education even after pouring lakhs on those institutes having large campus, Big Buildings, etc.

As I’ve always been saying that if you want to become a programmer ,or if you wish to make a career out of it , then you just need a Good chair and a Laptop. If we move a decade back this was not possible , but in 2020 my words are absolutely correct because of the infinite sources of knowledge available on Web. One such free source is YouTube.

Note: The YouTube channels which I have listed below are not ranked, they are just listed so that you get a good reading experience ,all channels are on the number one for me, also if you find your favorite channel missing ,then do suggest me 😁.


As the name speaks , freeCodeCamp is an organization who provides everything for free. Many professionals upload videos on this channel . Right from writing your “hello World” program to web/App development, data Structures and Algorithms , AI, ML , etc. you’ll find everything here.

Also their website provides you free courses and certifications.

2. Traversy Media

According to the channel description ‘’Traversy Media features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all of the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS and much more’’.

If you have ever worked on any web development project, then I’m sure that you would have already visited this channel.

3. Tech with Tim

‘‘Python Programming, Game Development, Pygame, Java Tutorials and Machine Learning. This is a list of a few of the things I love to post on my channel. My goal is share my knowledge of programming with you and allow everyone access to education for FREE.’’

This channel consists tutorials of many interesting Projects.

4.Clever Programmer

“You can find awesome programming lessons here! Also, expect programming tips and tricks that will take your coding skills to the next level.”

If you are planning to work on react or python ,then this channel is a boon for you. This channel is currently the top growing channel on YouTube.

5. Corey Schafer

Many of you must have already subscribed this channel before reading this blog. The way in which he explains the topics is so good that the concepts are drilled in your mind in minimum time.

6.Hitesh Choudhary

Many playlists, crash courses of different frameworks are available on this channel for free. Also if you like his tutorials then do check his website


Just check the playlist of this channel . You will definitely appreciate the endless efforts of this guy. All the videos are recorded by him and also the frequency of videos is high ,which makes the channel more active.

8.Aman Dhattarwal

I recommend this channel because this guy wants to change the education System in India. Currently he has hired employees from Big tech companies, India’s top 25 animators and has created a team who’s main motive is to provide free education to All. His ideology is that you don’t need many teachers to teach many Students, instead just one expert teacher can teach millions of students through internet.

The above listed channels are some the many channels that provide education and entertainment for me. Also if you didn’t find your favorite channel in this post then do suggest it.




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